Farm Effluent Services

Desludging, Irrigation and Hire Gear

Pumping and spreading Effluent could be very mucky, but here at Farm Effluent Services Limited, that is what we are prepared to do! Based in the heart of the mighty Waikato, we have all the gear and technology to make our job much easier and cost-effective for farmers. As contractors, we work with our farming customers to provide a precision spreading and effluent management service.

Irrigation and Spreaders

We run two high horsepower pumps and inline boost pumps to give a constant flow over extra distance. Each unit carries 1.8km of hose. We also carry spare hoses at our yard, enabling us to pump over 2 km. This also ensures those back paddocks get the fertiliser they need.

Pond Stirring and Pumping

We have custom-built our pond stirrers to blast through the pond crust and turn your pond back into slurry in a very short time! We know this process can be both timely and costly to farmers. However, we can speed up the process and start pumping your pond sooner with our specially designed stirrers. We also have an extension available for the pond stirrer, allowing 12m of reach.

Equipment Hire

Hire gear available.

Transporter 12.5 ton payload
12m stirrer extensions on trailer
1400 ltr sucker trailer
8000 ltr tractor sucker trailer

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